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9 Signs of Demonic Infestation

What are demons?

Demons are a type of negative entity that can haunt locations, but are different than traditional ghosts and spirits. What sets demons apart is that they are nonhuman and have never been human, unlike traditional ghosts which are typically believed to be the spirits of those who have passed on. Demons are much more rare but for those who have had the misfortune of encountering one, it’s an experience that often turns their lives upside down and makes their very existence a living hell. Here are 9 warning signs that a location may be experiencing a demonic infestation.

9 Signs of Demonic Infestation

1. Odd Occurrences at Home

Electrical anomalies are common in demonic infestations and include appliances, lights, TVs, and children’s toys turning on and off randomly or operating on their own. Other paranormal occurrences include objects moving or being thrown across a room, furniture being moved around with no explanation, small objects like coins dropping from the ceiling or even water dripping out of nowhere, doors and desk drawers opening and closing by themselves, or glass breaking without explanation.

2. Unexplained Noises

Weird noises can be a sign of a demonic presence. People have reported strange taps, scratching sounds, and banging coming from walls, doors or windows. 

Deep growling sounds can be heard coming from nowhere. Screeching, screaming, and disembodied voices have been reported. Sounds of heavy objects falling on a floor where there are none, sounds of furniture being dragged across the room, and also hearing someone calling or whispering your name.

3. Sickening Smells

Traditional hauntings can include smells related to a deceased loved one, like a cologne they wore, or their favorite flower, but the smells of demonic infestation are much more repulsive. They include unusual, bitter stenches that are sometimes described as a combination of sulfur, rotting meat, and rotten eggs. 

4. Changes in the air

A demonically infested location will generally have a very heavy and oppressive feel in the air. People have reported the feeling of weight on their shoulders, and having difficulty breathing because of the heaviness in the air. Watch out for feelings of someone’s hands pressing on you, pressure in the head, or difficulty moving. Once a demonic entity leaves, the atmosphere is noticeably lighter and brighter, with a sense of peace and calm flooding in.

5. Emotional changes

The presence of demons can affect people’s moods. They may feel melancholy, depressed, stressed, and/or anxious out of nowhere. Demons are said to feed off of negative energy and thus cause these emotional changes. Otherwise happy people can become prone to angry outbursts, become aggressive, or become very depressed or apathetic. 

6. Physical Complications

Individuals in homes with demonic infestations often experience unexplained physical symptoms and illnesses. Bruises, welts, and scratches appear out of nowhere. Nose bleeds, vomiting, vertigo, headaches and other conditions also appear. Demons tend to take advantage of people when they are asleep because their defenses are down. This causes issues like nightmares and sleep paralysis. People will sleep very poorly and constantly feel tired, like they haven’t slept at all. Demons will cause sleep deprivation on victims in order to wear them down, make them irritable, moody, and more vulnerable to their influence.

7. Physical Harm 

Demonic entities are very violent and won’t hesitate to attack a victim. Besides scratching and bruising, victims have reported having their hair pulled or having been pushed or pulled to the point of falling and becoming injured. Sometimes seriously, especially when a flight of stairs is involved.

8. Changes in Animal Behavior

One of the biggest signs of demonic infestations is when pets, especially cats or dogs, begin to display erratic or uncharacteristic behavior. This could include withdrawing from the family, hiding, barking at something no one else can see, becoming aggressive, becoming scared, or in the case of a cat, hissing, puffing its tail, and taking a defensive posture against unseen entities.

Demons have been known to kill animals by making them sick or outright murdering them. If you think you have a demonic presence in your home, it might be a good idea to leave your pets with friends or relatives until the issue is resolved. 

9. Becoming Withdrawn

Demons will often target a specific person during an infestation. They can become withdrawn and lose interest in hobbies and neglect responsibilities. They might start to miss work, school, or social functions. They may become anti-social, affecting their personal relationships with friends and family. Their withdrawing plays right into the demon’s hands, as the goal is to isolate the person in order to more easily control them.   


Unfortunately, many people are too ashamed to admit that they may be experiencing paranormal activity. If you or someone you know is experiencing a demonic infestation, it’s important to recognize the signs and seek help immediately, either from a paranormal professional or a member of the clergy who has experience dealing with demonic entities.

Source – Something Wicked: A Ghost Hunter Explores Negative Spirits By Debi Chestnut


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