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Implosion Power: The Eco-Tech of Viktor Schauberger

We must recognize that it is Nature, not Man, that is omniscient on the Earth, but that if we continue to flout her laws, humanity is undoubtedly doomed.
Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958)

Viktor Schauberger Implosion Technology

Combustion technology powers our lives. It moves our machines, pollutes our planet, and kills our people. It’s a technology of death.

But what if implosions – the opposite of explosions – held the answers to clean and free energy? This was the idea that inspired Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger.

Observe and Copy Nature – The Power of the Vortex

Viktor Schauberger’s motto was to observe and copy nature. He did a lot of that in the forests of Austria where he grew up. He observed beautiful meandering rivers and was inspired by the spiraling vortices within them. He saw that nature uses this powerful vortex spiral movement everywhere. From tornadoes, to hurricanes, to black holes, and even plant growth. It all uses this spiraling vortex movement. This is nature’s mechanism for transforming energy from one level to another. He found this spiral implosion to be a principle creative movement of the universe and it became the core of his research and design. 

Implosion vs. Explosion

He saw the difference between this natural implosive suction movement and the explosive pressure movement of modern technology. Nature’s inward implosion movement has a cooling, friction-reducing, and consolidating effect. Modern combustion technology moves in an outward motion. It creates heat, friction, is noisy, inefficient, and destructive. It can only lead to destruction.

The Trout Turbine

The implosion principles were the basis for a number of his machines, including the trout turbine. This machine was inspired by watching trout swim effortlessly upstream in a river. He used his observations to design the machine to produce energy by directing air and water through spiral-shaped pipes. This transformed it into a highly energized state from which the energy could be released. He was producing reactions at an atomic level which were comparable to atomic fusion. He was even quoted as saying “One can make use of atomic power through the biotechnology of implosion.” These implosive principles are in contrast to the destructive explosive principles of nuclear fission.

The Repulsine

Another one of his machines was called the Repulsine. This fascinating machine was shaped like a flying saucer, which led some to think that it was the very first flying saucer. It was rumored to be able to power airships without using fuel by creating a biological vacuum on the axis in front of it, then using suction to pull the craft.  

Accurate information on the devices is hard to come by, as it was all sequestered by government forces during and after World War 2. Schauberger was forced to work for the SS during World War 2, and then afterwards visited America and was pressured to work on their disc programs. He refused, and thus was forced to sign away all the rights to his patents and information. He flew back to Austria and died shortly after.

Viktor Schauberger warned us eighty years ago of the ecological disaster that would come from combustion technology. He warned that the Earth’s ecosystems would become sick, the climate destructive and human society would then collapse. Perhaps much of the destruction we see now could have been avoided had we listened to Schauberger and developed his ideas openly. How much of the technology exists today? When will it be disclosed in order to save humanity and the planet?

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3 thoughts on “Implosion Power: The Eco-Tech of Viktor Schauberger

  • Angel NicGillicuddy

    Good job.
    Here’s a good one to share.
    The Levant News
    by Angel NicGillicuddy
    My hope is that it will happen soon and fund The Schauberger Project.
    I’m reading Schauberger now. Love Truth.

  • Angel NicGillicuddy

    Schauberger says that the problems regarding water decay “arise from current economic measures and industrial practices.
    The fix for that is
    The Levant News
    by Angel NicGillicuddy

  • If you really want to understand the implosion motor workings, study compressed air dynamics. There are truly other methods of compressing air. Compressing air creates heat and that is exactly what the implosion motor does. It is what is called a “Reaction Based Turbine”. It can heat, expand, and compress air all at the same time and that gas fluid has to exit the outside diameter ring. Once it gets started it will build power in itself. They call this self sustaining power. Moisture in the atmospheric air mixes with the compressed air heat and becomes a “Low Grade Steam Engine”. This is how it creates its power output. Putting a load on the output shaft curbs the runaway motor and delivers a work output. No outside fuel of any kind is required. Read up on the Boyle’s Gas Laws.


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