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eric j cockrell

Eric Joseph Cockrell is an Aster Award-winning video producer, comic book creator, author, and a co-host and producer of the web video series “Strange Tales Weekly.”

His writing includes anything from the topic of Dulce Base in his Dulce comic book to cartoon parody with Adhesive Man. He is best known for the comic book adaptation of his book “Blister” which follows a group of punk rock kids in their formative years and is very loosely based on actual people and events.

Eric is also the President of Studio Erbo, an independent publishing and video content production house, and showrunner for the SPE@K! small press expo that debuted in Kankakee, Illinois in 2017.

Joe Boyer is a graphic designer, video editor, digital marketer, desktop publisher, and a co-host and producer of the web video series “Strange Tales Weekly.” He has worked with David Hatcher Childress at Adventures Unlimited Press and the World Explorers Club since 2010.

Jess Rogge was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up, talk of aliens and UFOs were commonplace in her household. From a young age, she developed a fascination with anything and everything paranormal. Her thirst for knowledge and drive to discover the hidden truths of the universe and lead her to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism and television. Jess realized quickly that the mainstream news environment was not the right fit for her truth-seeking style of reporting. She is the news reporter for The Fringe FM, where she reports on fringe topics.

A self-proclaimed geek of fringe topics, she has dedicated the last ten plus years of her life researching the hidden facts behind alternative topics in news. She loves to cover subjects relating to the paranormal and conspiratorial. The UFO phenomenon is her main first love and main focus on The Rogge Report on YouTube.

When Jess is not broadcasting or recording, she spends her time as a Haunted History Tour guide of hometown. She also loves to research and hang out with her two dogs in her free time.

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