Storm Area 51, AlienCon, and Disclosure with UFO Jane

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UFO Jane –

UFO Jane of and gives us an AlienCon Los Angeles recap, we discuss Area 51 memes, and talk disclosure news! 👽

Alien Con 2019

Jess Rogge of the Rogge Report and UFO Jane begin by sharing their experience at AlienCon in Los Angeles from June 21–23, 2019. They share their favorite memories meeting Ancient Aliens stars like Linda Moulton Howe, David Hatcher Childress, and Giorgio Tsoukalos. They talk about seeing William Shatner there. They talk about the panels they saw, including one discussing Antarctic anomalies.

Storm Area 51 meme

We go on to discuss the recent Storm Area 51 meme, recent UFO footage, Steven Greer, free energy, group think, and the Project Bluebook show!