Top Psychic Spies of Project Stargate – Remote Viewing

Project Stargate was a 20 year long classified project in which the U.S. Intelligence Community investigated the military potential of psychic powers, known as Remote Viewing. According to official government documents, these were some of the project’s most gifted psychic spies…

Russell Targ

Russell Targ was a cofounder of the ESP research done at Stanford Research Institute. He usually didn’t do remote viewing himself, but acted more as a scientific moderator for the experiments, but he found that he too had his own psychic abilities, which he says we all have.

In one experiment, in the absence of the regular viewer, Targ was tasked to view a random target location. He described it as having an ocean at the end of a runway. The target was later revealed to be an island airport off San Andres, Colombia. Here is the target compared with the drawing that targ produced.

Pat Price

Pat Price was a Burbank CA police commissioner who before project Stargate regularly used his psychic abilities to solve crimes. When he first got involved with the project, he presented SRI a scrapbook full of testimonials about the crimes he helped solve using his abilities.

In one experiment, the CIA gave Price the coordinates of a quote “soviet site of great interest”. Once the session started, Price began to see a large crane and the layout of some buildings. The CIA was able to compare his sketches with the satellite imagery and confirm that he was seeing the right location. Then they had him view what was going on inside the building. Price described an odd 60 ft sphere under construction. Three years later, a the sphere was rolled out of the building and Price’s visions were verified, being within 18 inches of the actual measurements. The CIA found that this was a particle beam weapon being built to shoot down US satellites.

Joseph McMoneagle

Joe McMoneagle is a retired army warrant officer who first became interested in remote viewing after falling ill overseas and having a near death experience. The experience of looking down on his body from above is what inspired him to research remote viewing and psychic phenomenon.

Joe was trained by Russell Targ and was the first remote viewer in the project. He stayed active nearly the full 20 years of the project and was awarded his contributions producing hundreds of essential elements of information. The CIA later denied that the program produced any actionable intelligence.

In one experiment, Joe sketched this drawing of an unknown target, which turned out to be the west gate of the Livermore National Laboratory, a famous hydrogen bomb research laboratory. His drawing accurately portrays many of the buildings and other structures at the target, including the T-shaped six-story administration building, the row of trees and more. His sponsor scored the overall accuracy at 85%.

Joe was also given some bizarre tasks, such as remote viewing Mars in the distant past. He reported seeing living beings and massive pyramid structures.

After he retired, joe continued to use his abilities. He demonstrated more than 95 remote viewings on live television in six countries. He helped locate 11 missing persons in Japan and reunited them with their families.


Uri Geller is an internationally famous psychic best known for his alleged ability to bend metal spoons with his mind.

In one experiment, Geller was isolated and asked to reproduce simple drawings prepared in another room. The experimenters officially concluded that he had demonstrated his paranormal abilities in a convincing manner.”

It seems that psychic abilities have been proven time and again in laboratories under strict double-blind protocols. Why then isn’t ESP taken more seriously? Why did the military continue project stargate for 20 years, through 5 administrations, if it wasn’t doing them any good? Did it ever really end?

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