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Douglas Dietrich live

“D.D. Dietrich was a D.O.D. (Department Of Defense) Research Librarian for almost a decade, responsible for incinerating Highly Classified materials on critical historical topics such as Pearl Harbor, Roswell, Viêt-Nam, the different ethno-national Holocausts; as well as documents exposing the reality behind vampires, zombies, Soviet Psychic Warfare, and other occult phenomena. Volumes of notes pertaining to Nikola Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, the Vatican and United Nations were destroyed, along with reams of reports detailing everything from Military/Intelligence-sponsored drug-smuggling operations to experimental mind-control programs. Records plundered from both Allied and Enemy Governments articulated the hidden objectives of Modern/Post-Modern Mass-Movements such as Nat-Ƶism, Ƶionism, Iƶlamicism (Wähhä’bīst/Islamist Fundamentalism[s]), Vouhodouxnism (“Voodooism”), and other Ideologies.”

Topics: Pentagon Papers, Bretton Woods Agreement, Vietnam War, WW2, California’s “Little League” of Serial Killers, Michael Aquino, Occult Criminology Lobbied Away By Aquino’s Lackey, Giving Satanists 007 License To Kill, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Super Soldiers, White House Boys, How The Satanic Military Junta Runs Your World, Spiritual Ecology, Tcho Tcho, Christ Is In All Religions

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