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DMT Entities: 5 Weird Encounters

What is DMT?

N,N-dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is a remarkable chemical compound with intense psychoactive properties. It exists naturally in the human body, and can be found throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. When consumed as an entheogen, it produces powerful psychedelic experiences. Common elements include kaleidoscopic colors, bright lights, and swirling energy. Some report experiencing parallel realities and interacting with intelligent beings. Here are 5 weird entity experiences as reported in the work of Dr. Rick Strassman.

DMT Elves

“There were a lot of elves. They were prankish, ornery, maybe four of them appeared at the side of a stretch of interstate highway I travel regularly. They commanded the scene, it was their terrain! They were about my height. They held up placards, showing me these incredibly beautiful, complex, swirling geometric scenes in them. One of them made it impossible for me to move. There was no issue of control; they were totally in control. They wanted me to look! I heard a giggling sound—the elves laughing or talking at high-speed volume, chattering, twittering.” – Karl

Clowns & Fairy

“There were clowns performing. They were like toys or animated clowns. Suddenly, a pulsating entity appeared out of the patterns of color. It sounds weird to describe it as Tinkerbell-like, but that is how it looked. It was trying to coax me to go with it. I was reluctant because I didn’t know about finding my way back. By the time I had decided to follow it, the drug was wearing off and I wasn’t high enough to follow the entity. It followed me back until I sensed it had reached its boundary. I felt like it was saying good-bye.” – Sara


“Insect creatures were all around me, trying to break through. I was fighting letting go of who I am or was. The more I fought, the more demonic they became, probing into my psyche and my being. I finally started letting go, because I was certain I was dying. As I accepted my death and dissolution into God’s love, the insectoids began feeding on my heart, devouring the feelings of love and surrender. They were interested in emotion. As I was holding on to my last thought – that God is love – they asked, “Even here? Even here?” I said, “Yes. Of course.” They were still there, but I was making love to them at the same time they were eating me. They feasted as they made love to me. I don’t know if they were female or male or something else, but it was extremely alien, though not necessarily unpleasant. The thought came to me with certainty that they were manipulating my DNA, changing its structure. Then it started fading. They didn’t want me to go. I didn’t feel stoned or intoxicated. I was able to observe quite clearly. I had my capacities. It was just happening.” – Rex


“It’s like being possessed. During the experience there is a sense of someone, or something else, there taking control. It’s like you have to defend yourself against them, whoever they are, but they certainly are there. I’m aware of them and they’re aware of me. It’s like they have an agenda. It’s like walking into a different neighborhood. You’re really not quite sure what the culture is. It’s got such a distinct flavor, the reptilian being or beings that are present.” – Aaron


“There is nothing that can prepare you for this. There is a sound, a bzzzz. It started off and got louder and louder and faster and faster. I was coming on and coming on and then POW! There was a space station below me and to my right. There were at least two presences, one on either side of me, guiding me to a platform. I was also aware of many entities inside the space station—automatons, android-like creatures that looked like a cross between crash dummies and the Empire troops from Star Wars, except that they were living beings, not robots. They seemed to have checkerboard patterns on parts of their bodies, especially their upper arms. They were doing some kind of routine technological work and paid no attention to me. In a state of overwhelmed confusion, I opened my eyes.” – Lucas

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